Hi, my name is Tim Stewart.

My family and I live in Victoria, BC, where I serve as Pastor at Parkdale Evangelical Free Church.

I grew up in the Vancouver area, studying International Relations at UBC before teaching English in Russia, where I met my wife, who was also teaching.  I worked in warehousing, gardening in construction before serving as a Youth Pastor while I completed a Master of Divinity at Trinity Western Seminary.  We were then blessed with three children while serving as Pastor at a multicultural, urban church for a few years.  Finally, God led us to return to my hometown of Victoria, where we have been serving since September, 2016.

Aside from hiking, travel, reading, sports, board games and gardening, one area of growing interest for me is Spiritual Direction.  It differs from counselling & coaching in that its goal is simply to help people listen to God (rather than others or oneself).  God speaks to us through His Word, through His Spirit within, through His people, through circumstances.  And sometimes He speaks the loudest (or we listen the best) at turning points in life, or gap-periods between major endeavors.  In my own journey, such times have yielded the best insights, and I have been given a heart to walk with others through their own transition points, as they listen for God’s voice.

For many, the months leading up to a wedding can be a key turning point in life; for this reason, I enjoy offering premarital counseling through Prepare-Enrich.  Also, addictions and life crises can serve as an impetus for seeking life changes; for this reason, I also hope to offer Freedom Session in my church soon – to meet people in these gaps of life, and help them fill it with Christ’s healing.  But most of the time, our growth and insight must be found in the ordinary, everyday gaps of life – a five minute pause, a lunch break, a weekly Sabbath.  It is my hope that this blog can serve as a spacious place to pause, reflect and listen for God’s still, small voice.

Strait of Georgia, the beautiful gap between Victoria and Vancouver, BC.